Exhibitors: Reasons to Reach out to Realtors

The true appeal of exhibiting at an RMLS™ Trade Fair is the opportunity to connect in person with our Realtor subscribers.

When you think about it, part of what Realtors do is help connect their clients with other service providers associated with real estate. Think about all the scenarios where a Realtor could refer their clients to other businesses: mortgage providers, title companies, contractors, home inspectors, landscaping, pest control, interiors, carpet cleaning… and the list goes on.

Not to mention, Realtors use a number of marketing services to get the word out about their listings: printing, direct mail, sign shops, websites, magazines and newspapers… to name a few. Realtors spend about $5,800 a year on business expenses.

Realtors have clients that have unique needs and they are called upon for referrals when it comes to any service that relates to owning a home! My Realtor connected me with a fantastic carpet cleaner, who I used for the home I was renting & the home I purchased. I have also referred him to friends & family. All that happened because I trusted my Realtor for advice.

So, if you want to get some face time with Realtors in your area, I encourage you to exhibit at an RMLS™ Trade Fair!

Image courtesy of Henk L


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